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A young lady who is a keen actor and dancer, with a particular passion for ballet having had lessons since she was three, and likes nothing more than long walks with her three year old labrador, meeting up with friends, or having a cosy evening inside watching a film with her family. On the face of it, that could be the description of any normal 18 year old, but Grace Bland is not your normal young adult.

Grace’s ingrained passion for music separates her from the rest. Whilst you could be sat there thinking, “don’t most people have some sort of passion for music?”, of which in the vast majority of instances you would be correct, Grace’s passion stretches much farther than simply listening to her favourite records. The Dorset native has been singing since she was seven, songwriting since she was eleven, and along the way has learnt to play both the guitar and the piano. And whilst the aforementioned evenings in front of a film with her family bring her sheer enjoyment, there is nowhere Grace would rather be of an evening than immersing herself into music, sat at her beloved piano and writing new music.

Grace Bland reached the Grand Final of Open Mic UK back in February

Grace’s latest release, ‘Human’, which was released on 27th July, shows a maturity well beyond her tender years, showing a culmination of her life’s work into three and a half minutes of pure emotive bliss. The track has already been championed by numerous Spotify editors, with it making an appearance on prestigious playlists such as New Pop UK and Easy, delivering the song to the ears of over 380,000 subscribers. Listening to the new single, as well as previous release ‘Pity Parties’, it is easy to see why Spotify and regional radio stations, most notably BBC Introducing Radio Solent and Voice FM, across the entire south coast have been quick to champion this wonderfully talented artist.

Her latest single will hopefully catapult Grace towards the next stage of her career as she continues to write music and record out of River Studios in Southampton. Having already performed at numerous smaller festivals and events, including the likes of Music In The City and Gosport Waterfront Festival, the highlight of this young, promising career so far came earlier this year when Grace made the Grand Final of Open Mic UK, having been named a Showcase Winner at the Regional Finals. The judging panel rightly described her as “a star in the making” and praised her for her “bags of songwriting ability” and “authentic” performance. This high-profile recognition should only help in ensuring that Grace’s music is brought to even wider audiences over national airwaves and on larger stages in the very near future.

Whilst the songwriting talents of Bland are undeniable, it is her live performances which are most endearing. It can be unfortunately very rare in today’s technological age to unearth artists with a natural beauty in their vocals that sound just as stunning live as they do after post-production in a studio, but thankfully Grace is one such artist.

Gloriously technical female vocalists such as Lana Del Rey, Maisie Peters and Gabrielle Aplin are named as key influences on Grace, and this can be heard loud and clear in her own silvery, modulated sound. She possesses an incredibly delightful vocal that sounds just as familiar as it does unique – a very special blend that soothes and comforts you, particularly during her more emotive tracks. This accomplished sound bodes very well for a young lady that won’t be reaching her vocal peak for at least another half a decade, which allows plenty of time for her to develop into the successful artist her potential promises.

The South of England has been a breeding ground for talent down the years, and in most recent memory has been particularly fruitful for strong, young female talent. Grace Bland could quite potentially be one of the ones that go all the way.


Grace Bland’s latest release, ‘Human’ is available to stream across all platforms now and you can listen to it below. For more information and to keep up to date with future releases and news about future tour dates, visit her website or follow her on social media:

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