Review: Spyres at The Joiners, Southampton

It is absolutely no wonder why the people of Glasgow have been flooding to venues within the city to catch a glimpse of Spyres.

Perhaps it was to seek shelter from the rain being thrown down by Storm Dennis, or perhaps it was in fact in anticipation and expectation of what was to come, but the floor at The Joiners in Southampton on Saturday evening appeared significantly fuller than usual for the first of three acts that would grace the stage. In venues as intimate as these, it is often surprising how empty they can feel at the beginning of the night, as punters trickle in gradually, often opting to remain at the bar and talk amongst themselves before migrating to the floor later on in the proceedings, but that did not appear to be the case on Saturday. Those that had arrived early, almost two hours before the headliner, instead gathered by the stage to greet the hotly tipped Glaswegians.

Emily Downie, Keria McGuire, Jude Curran and Alex White took to the historic stage at The Joiners with almost equal daunted expressions, perhaps not anticipating or fully realising before elevating above the crowd, how many had braved the atrocious weather outside to get there early to see them play. A wry smile was shared between founding members Downie and McGuire, before bursting into their opening number.

The setlist was laden with riff-heavy, guitar-led tracks, which were perfectly accompanied by punchy bass-lines and percussion, and accentuated by weighty vocals. Downie and McGuire’s past as an acoustic act shine through in their ability to harmonise and compliment each other superbly with their contrasting tones, adding further depth and layering to each and every track.

The set displayed a maturity beyond the quartet’s years; impressive considering Spyres only played their first show less than twelve months ago in April of last year. Whilst it could be argued that the two leading ladies steal the show with their vocals and guitar playing, the lads in the background contribute just as much musically, providing the solid foundations with bass and drums for Downie and McGuire to then build upon, to elevate each track to the anthemic indie-cum-post-punk sound displayed in each.

Arguably saving the best until last, Spyres closed the show with their most recent single, ‘Fake ID’, and their highly regarded debut single, ‘Otherside’, which quite rightly has been championed across many airwaves, but most notably by indie supremo Jack Saunders on Radio 1.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Spyres left those in attendance at The Joiners on Saturday pining for more. Their energetic music, and their relatable lyricism, will ensure that this band quickly build a strong following as they continue on this tour. I can only hope that we hear, and see, much more from them in the very near future.

Spyres were playing at The Joiners in Southampton on Saturday 15th February, supporting Lauran Hibberd on her headline UK tour.


Latest Release: ‘Fake ID’

Highlights: ‘Otherside’ – ‘Fake ID’ – ‘Wanna Go Home’

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  1. Fantastic review!! Saw them at St Lukes, Glasgow and they were amazing!! Looking forward to seeing them at TRSNMT Glasgow in July. Well done guys!! 👏👏❤

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