Record Store Day 2018: Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses (Remix EP)

Wolf Alice have taken the UK and US by storm over the past few years, and they have certainly grown to become one of my favourite bands currently. I was first exposed to them back whilst I was at university, just before My Love Is Cool was released, and my admiration for them has been growing ever since.

I loved My Love Is Cool, and I loved Visions of a Life even more, so witnessing their continued success should be of no surprise to anybody. As previously mentioned, not only have they smashed the UK market, but they are also one of only a small number of British bands who have also been able to crack America. Their commercial stock seems to be in a constant ascension, with tracks left, right and centre being used in television shows and Hollywood blockbusters, whilst tours are sold out across both sides of the Atlantic.

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ was the second single released from Visions of a Life after ‘Yuk Foo’, and is perhaps one of the most recognisable of the album’s tracks alongside ‘Beautifully Unconventional’. It also happens to be one of my personal favourites from the record, so the chance to pick up an EP of its best remixes this Record Store Day was too good to pass up.

Charlie XCX and Post Precious’ (the new side project of Alex Winston and MS MR’s Max Hershenow) take on the track is up first, giving the verses an electro/robotic sound, which is actually pretty endearing. The choruses are left as they were in the original, which creates a nice separation and contrast. Jelani Blackman provides the first remix on the B-side, which is probably my favourite of them all. Adding his own verses amongst Ellie Roswell’s vocals, he turns the track into a him-and-her tale, creating a offering and respond rhetoric throughout, which gives ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ a completely new feel and meaning. Finally, Tourist brings the kind of chilled electronic sounds you’d expect from him, stripping the track back and proving how less can more often than not equate to more.


Format: 12″ EP in Black
Price: £11.99
Where?: resident (Brighton) – FacebookTwitterInstagram


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