Record Store Day 2018: Mallory Knox – Signals

I stopped listening to rock and the genres that halo around it for a few years before going to university. It was all I really listened to throughout most of my school years, but towards the end of school and college I broadened my musical horizons and put rock on the backburners for a while. I used to go through phases of listening to a particular genre, rather than listening to everything and anything dependant on what took my fancy at the time; I guess you could say I used to just follow musical trends and only listened to what was “cool” at the time. Looking back on that now makes me cringe a fair bit, why sacrifice the music you love just to appease others? So once I got to university I’m glad I realised that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought, I should, and would, listen to whatever I wanted. And that’s where varying rock genres came back into my daily playlist.

Mallory Knox were the first new band I fell in love with back at the start of my uni days. Their debut record, Signals, had been released earlier that year and they were quite rightly starting gain exposure from more mainstream radio outlets, most notably on BBC Radio 1, by the time my studies had commenced. It was by no means a perfect record, but it made me fall back in love with the alt rock scene all over again. It made me miss going to gigs on a weekly basis, jumping around like a loon, rocking out. It was, quite simply, just a really good, entry-level rock album – great vocals from Mikey Chapman, who left the band back in February, a decent mix of velocity, belligerence and calmness amongst the track list, and a couple of anthemic singles (most notably ‘Lighthouse’).

As soon as this year’s Record Store Day releases were revealed, it was an absolute no brainer when I saw that Signals was to be released on vinyl for the first time, I had to have it. The memories it brings back of rocking out in halls, pumping the music as loud as you were able to get away with, and in turn finally getting me back into attending gigs on a weekly basis, will never be forgotten. This record played a large part in all of that.


Format: 12″ LP in Gold and Black
Price: £21.99
Where?: Banquet Records (Kingston) – FacebookTwitterInstagram


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