Preview: Sports Team at The Brook, Southampton

Sport Team’s highly anticipated debut album smacked us in the face last June in a big way. The London-based group had been teasing their material in single and EP form up until that point, which all started way back in 2018 – a year that is very much starting to feel like a lifetime ago – with Winter Nets. The fifth day of June in 2020 however, brought us a full twelve track onslaught in the form of Deep Down Happy.

Reviews from established publications were predominately very receptive and complimentary of the record, but it is safe to say that to the general music fanatic or even some of their own fanbase, the album was polarising. But you know what, that is exactly how Sports Team would have wanted this record to be received. Deep Down Happy was very much a culmination of Britpop influences from years yonder and a brash US-alt rock from more recent times.

Alongside the release of their debut album, Sports Team announced a string of thirteen live dates in collaboration with independent record stores that were all meant to be played over March and April last year. Due to postponements as a result of the global pandemic (shakes fist at coronavirus…), these shows have yet to happen. However, with the recent government announcements that we are *hopefully* on the pathway back to normality, there is great hope and anticipation that those with tickets will finally be able to attend a live show once more.

Let’s just hope we don’t fuck it all up.

Sports Team’s rescheduled date at The Brook in Southampton has yet to be announced. For updates and details, visit Vinilo’s website.


Most recent release: Deep Down Happy

Songs to listen out for: ‘Here’s the Thing’ – ‘Going Soft’ – ‘M5’

Listen if you like: Fontaines D.C. – The Murder Capital – Working Men’s Club

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