Preview: Frontier Ruckus at The Railway Inn, Winchester

Frontier Ruckus, an indie-folk trio from Michigan comprised of acclaimed lyricist Matthew Milia, fellow founding member David Jones, and Zachary Nichols, will be heading to Winchester on the final date of their European tour on 16th September. The tour commenced on mainland Europe, kicking off in Aarau in Switzerland on 24th August, before shows in the Netherlands and France lead to the first UK show in Newport on 4th September. Shows in Scotland will follow, before meandering down through England, visiting the likes of Bedford, Bristol, London and Durham, amongst others, before culminating in the tour finale at The Railway Inn.

The group saw the release of their fifth studio album in February of last year. Enter the Kingdom was produced by former Wilco drummer Ken Cooper and was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee – the first album the band have recorded outside of their home state of Michigan. The record had a mixed reception, but there were certainly more laudatory reviews than not.

Enter the Kingdom explores the struggles of modern day American suburbia; it is a literal description of songwriter Milia’s father losing his job and relying on disability cheques in order to survive, talking of the disintegration of the American Dream, growing up in the 90s, and delving into the darkness, but all whilst being balanced by a sense of humour. Although the lyrics are intrinsic to Frontier Ruckus’ songcraft, the songwriting is second-to-none, with sophisticated, catchy tunes and lush harmonies.

Frontier Ruckus play The Railway Inn in Winchester on 16th September, with tickets available via this link and priced at £8.00.


Most recent release: ‘Positively Freaking’

Songs to listen out for: ‘Dark Autumn Hour’ – ‘Nerves of the Nightmind’ – ‘Ontario’

Listen if you like: Deer Tick – Langhorne Slim – Horse Feathers

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