Preview: Costellos at The Loft, Southampton

Fresh off of playing a handful of shows across the south coast and London, as well as releasing their most recent single ‘Out of the Blue’ last month, Costellos will be heading home to Southampton this Friday for a headline show at The Loft, the venue they helped open with a selection of other local artists just over a year ago.

The group have seen their sound evolve over the past year or so, developing a more raucous set that leads to more anthemic tracks. They encompass everything that is great about indie rock n roll, with catchy hooks created by silky guitars, and singalong vocals that would not be misplaced at festivals countrywide.

The four-piece, consisting of lead vocalist and lead guitar player George Dummett, rhythm guitar and backing vocalist Keiran Pearce, bassist Kieran Wilson and drummer Tomi Lewis, have been through a relatively large transitional period over the past couple of years following the departure of former guitarist Declan Byrne and bassist Harry Stevenson and the integration of the Pearce and Wilson. But ask any of their loyal following if a difference can be heard and the answer would be a resounding “Yes” – for the better. The band have been able to fine-tune their sound and start to find their comfort zone, allowing them to experiment and express themselves more than ever before.

It is never a quiet evening when Costellos are in town, and Friday will be no different.

Costellos play The Loft in Southampton on 31st August, with tickets available via this link and priced at £5.50.


Most recent release: ‘Out of the Blue’

Songs to listen out for: ‘Say’ – ‘Keep on Lying’ – ‘Out of the Blue’

Listen if you like: The Jam – Oasis – Stone Roses

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