Preview: Black Honey at The Joiners, Southampton

In the midst of the 2020 summer, Black Honey caused a bit of commotion on their social media pages when they posted a video of them burning a copy of their debut album on their Instagram and deleting all but one of the posts that came before it. Fans raced to the comments desperately trying to reason as to what this captionless video meant. The band were cryptically replying to many of the comments, without giving anything away. This led more than a few to believe that Black Honey were over.

Now, almost nine months on from that post, we have a greater perspective. Never one to shy away from the dramatics, we now know that the stunt was the start of a new lease of life for the Brighton-formed group. More than two years after their self-titled debut album hit the airwaves, Black Honey announced their long-awaited follow-up, Written & Directed, in October of last year.

In December, the quartet announced that they would be playing a string of socially distanced shows in collaboration with independent record stores this March and April. Due to lockdown restrictions though, these dates have been postponed until the autumn. The six dates will see them visit Kingston, Southampton, Marlborough, Sheffield, Leeds and Preston, courtesy of Banquet Records, Vinilo Record Store, Sound Knowledge, Bear Tree Records, Jumbo Records and Action Records, respectively.

Black Honey play The Joiners in Southampton on 16th September, with tickets available via the Vinilo Record Store websiteWritten & Directed, Black Honey’s second album, will be released on 19th March.


Most recent release: ‘Run For Cover’

Songs to listen out for: ‘Beaches’ – ‘I Don’t Ever Wanna Love’ – ‘Midnight’

Listen if you like: Dream Wife – The Big Moon – Yonaka

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