Love Your Record Collection


The music industry is one that everyone is familiar with in one way or another. Everyone has their favourite collection of songs, their favourite artists, or favourite record. But unfortunately not everyone has heard what everyone has to offer...

Make sense? No? Stay with us...

Here at Quaver & Fret, we want to give as much exposure as possible to the little guys of the industry. The artists trying to break through and smash their ceilings, the independent record stores in your town trying to ensure there is a physical future to music, and the writers who want to build a portfolio of thought-provoking, music-based articles, all whilst bringing you content you want to read.

The content you will see on this website will still include features on some of the big guns of the industry, but we have a sheer determination to make sure that the new, or more niche artists aren't lost amongst them.


William James has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. His record collection is forever growing and consists of artists sitting everywhere on the musical spectrum, from J.Cole to Bring Me The Horizon, and from Wolf Alice to Dean Martin.

He caught the writing bug whilst at university and made his way to the role of Live Editor at The Edge. Since finishing at university the bug remained, so he started Quaver & Fret to fill the void.